Find Solutions by Environmental Condition

Electricians may not be first responders—but you are ‘First Protectors.’ To keep our world running you need to face some harsh conditions and wiggle into some tight spaces–part physics professor, part craftsman, part acrobat. If you’re reading this paragraph, it’s because an electrician like you was on the job. We’re here to keep you well equipped, and that means having the right tape on hand and knowing when, how and where to apply it.

  • Contaminants

    Environmental contaminants can be introduced at any point during a job. Dust, dirt, chemicals and water can all compromise a splice. Protect against corrosion with best practice tape application techniques. This begins with product selection.

  • Extreme Environments

    Refrigeration units and boiler rooms put different stresses on electrical connections. Cold and hot climates do the same. Our premium tapes are designed to give exemplary performance in extreme temperatures.

  • Mechanical Protection

    Rodents will chew it; forklifts will stab it; gravel will abrade it; and motor vibrations will wear it down. It seems like everything is determined to ruin your cable. Keeping conductors safe from intrusion involves good technique and that means using quality tape.

  • Critical Jobs

    When you can’t afford to fail, your tape should not be at fault. Whether you’re keeping the hospital ICU running, data centers online, or making sure the milk is cold at the corner store; select our premium tapes.

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