• Privacy For Mobile Workers

    Privacy for mobile workers

    • With the mobile working population due to increase to 1.3 billion in 2015, the opportunity for unauthorised individuals to access confidential data continues to rise.

      The facts make sobering reading, the top causes of data breaches in the UK involve negligent employees, which account for 37 percent of cases – and with the average cost of a data breach in the UK now standing at £2.2m, ensuring all mobile working employees have adequate protection is more important than ever.

      It doesn’t take an IT security expert to gain access to a company’s, or its customers’, confidential data… just a pair of eyes. And with mobile workers accessing and processing company information on the move in non-secure locations like trains and airports when travelling, conducting meetings on-the-go in public places like coffee shops, and visiting customer premises, content can be easily viewed by someone unauthorised sitting next to, or simply passing by, a device user.

      A staggering 70% of people now work remotely from coffee shops at least twice a week. And A 2007 study by 3M found that there was an 80% chance that mobile workers had already been the victim of others reading over their shoulders, so the problem cannot be ignored.

      In recent years there has been a sharp increase in the use of tablet devices, including the growing adoption of Bring Your Own Device policies. 24% of workers now use a smart phone or tablet as their primary device for work and 90% of all devices used in an airport are tablets – this makes them an easy target for data thieves.

      3M’s range of privacy filters protect laptops and mobile devices from shoulder surfers by blocking the view of the screen to all but the device user, allowing mobile workers to continue working securely on the move – limiting the potential for costly data breaches and aiding compliance to a range of data protection guidelines including ISO27001.