3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Adhesivo de uretano EC-3532 B/A 50 ML

  • 3M ID 7000080390
  • UPC 54046719820615,04046719820498,04046719820627

Two part urethane delivers extremely tough, semi-flexible bonds

Designed for vertical and other applications that require no slumping or sagging of the adhesive bead

Low-temperature flexibility

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Aspectos destacados
  • Two part urethane delivers extremely tough, semi-flexible bonds
  • Designed for vertical and other applications that require no slumping or sagging of the adhesive bead
  • Low-temperature flexibility
  • Flexible adhesive that is capable of bonding dissimilar substrates

3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Urethane Adhesive 3532 is a brown, non-sag, two-component polyurethane adhesive. This urethane adhesive has a 10 minute work life for spreading or repositioning. Ideal for bonding dissimilar substrates, such as composites, SMC, FRP, many plastics, ceramic, wood, rubber and metal.

Flexible Adhesive Delivers Tough Bonds As compared to one part sealants, 3M™ Scotch Weld™ Urethane Adhesive 3532 is fast curing, establishes tough bonds and offers low temperature flexibility. It becomes a non sag paste upon mixing for accurate and precise handling during application and can be used for bonding dissimilar substrates, such as concrete, ceramic, wood, plastic, rubber and metal. With a 1:1 mix ratio, this urethane adhesive has a 10 minute work life, reaches handing strength in 90 minutes and full cure in 24 hours. Recommended Applications Semi flexible plastic or composite bonding Flexible for mounting brackets on thin panels or mirrors without read through Bonding rough fabrics to rubber for conveyor belts Bonding wood, metal or composite door frames to wood or other surfaces Understanding Urethane Adhesives Two part urethane adhesives cure chemically, rather than relying on moisture from the air. Because of this, they can cure quickly with no depth of cure issues in contrast to one part urethane adhesive sealants. Urethane adhesives will bond most common materials such as wood, metals, rubbers, leather, tile and glass, many plastics, concrete and more. The versatility of urethane adhesives is exhibited in the different formulations that have varying cured properties such as different levels of stiffness or flexibility, open time and cure speed, and hardness. They can cure to a relatively rigid or highly flexible state to meet a wide range of requirements. In either finished state, urethane adhesives will maintain bond strength integrity through variable environmental factors such as temperature, moisture and chemical exposure.

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